The Outer Limits

The Galaxy Being

Season/ Episode: 1/1
Director: Leslie Stevens
Writer: Leslie Sevens

“People pay us to cover an area of 200 miles.”, radio host Gene tells his brother Allan. The nerdy engineer uses the equipment to breach a far greater gap: that between their dimension and another.

The Hundred Days of the Dragon

Season/ Episode: 1/ 2
Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: Allan Balter, Robert Mintz

During his election campaign presidential candidate Selby becomes a different man. Literally, for he is replaced by an East Asian mole. Only his daughter notices what is more than a change of heart.

The Architects of Fear

Season/ Episode: 1/ 3
Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: Meyer Dolinsky

Mankind is threatened by obliteration. The fearsome creature from outer space attacking, however, is supposed to save them of themselves: a forged threat as secret means to prevent atomic war.

The Man with the Power

Season/ Episode: 1/ 4
Director: Laslo Benedek
Writer: Jerome Ross

Donald Pleasence is timid teacher Harold J. Finley who becomes quite headstrong after a brain operation. Unfortunately he is as oblivious to his new telekinetic powers as those he might harm.

The Sixth Finger

Season/ Episode: 1/ 5
Director: James Goldstone
Writer: Ellis St. Joseph

A backward Welsh mining town is hardly the spot to expect evolutional progress. That it becomes, though, when a rash experiment turns a sullen miner into a higher being: physically, not emotional.

The Man Who Was Never Born (AKA Cry of the Unborn)

Season/ Episode: 1/ 6
Director: Leonard Horn
Writer: Anthony Lawrence

Returning from a space mission, astronaut Reardon finds earth devastated and mankind deformed by a virus. It’s creator of the plague bears Reardon’s name and the way to stop him leads in the past.


Season/ Episode: 1/ 7
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Meyer Dolinsky

The Outer Band individuated Teletracter, in short O.B.I.T., sees everything. Those whith nothing to hide need not fear the surveillance system, claims the senate – to guard its own horrendous secret.

The Human Factor

Season/ Episode: 1/ 8
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: David Duncan

A soldier’s sacrificial death robs major Brothers of his sound mind. Haunted by guilt feelings he becomes a threat. To stop himDr. hamilton has to get in his head: in a frighteningly substantial way.

Corpus Earthling

Season/ Episode: 1/ 9
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Orin Borsten, Louis Charboneau

Inside the geological laboratory of his superior, Dr. Cameron comes and listens to rock. Not music but aliens in the mimicry of stones who’s plans only he can overhear and might be able to prevent.


Season/ Episode: 1/ 10
Director: John Erman
Writer: Joseph Stefano

A group of space soldiers sent to fight an alien army is captured by the enemy and tortured for informations. But the actual loyalty test they’re put through is far more complex and inhumane.

It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork

Season/ Episode: 1/ 11
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Joseph Stefano

An altered dust particle from the ground of a research institution suddenly grows into an energy being of monstrous size and hunger. Who comes close is absorbed, feeding its ever growing power.

The Borderland

Season/ Episode: 1/ 12
Director: Leslie Stevens
Writer: Leslie Stebens

Gladys Cooper is psychic Mrs. Palmer, contacting the dead for a grief-stricken billionaire. Scientist Dr. Fraser exposes her as fraud, only to make him finance his own method of otherworldly convey.

Tourist Attraction

Season/ Episode: 1/ 13
Director: Laslo Benedek
Writer: Dean Riesner

On a sailing cruise in South America Ralph Meeker’s affluent Mr. Dexter makes a strange catch. As the local dictator displays the sea creature as tourist attraction he gets more than he bargained for.

The Zanti Misfits

Season/ Episode: 1/ 14
Director: Leonard Horn
Writer: Joseph Stefano

Killing is taboo in the culture of the Zanti. But the alien race has there own means to rid themselves of their undesirables. The society they’re sent to is more than willing to help: in the most brutal way.

The Mice

Season/ Episode: 1/ 15
Director: Allan Crosland, Jr.
Writer: Bill S. Ballinger, Joseph Stefano, Lou Morheim

Chino Riviera becomes a special exchange student, so to speak. The criminal volunteers as the subject in an interchange between mankind and an alien race. That just as him has its own agenda.

Controlled Experiment

Season/ Episode: 1/ 16
Director: Leslie Stevens
Writer: Leslie Stevens

Years after monitoring earth and its inhabitants, there’s still an idea the martians haven’t understood: murder. Their ability to switch force and back in time only serves to make things more muddled up.

Don’t Open Till Doomsday

Season/ Episode: 1/ 17
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Jospeh Stefano

Miriam Hopkins gives a haunting turn as old lady, holding in her withered hands pandora’s box. The mysterious chest conceals the gate to another dimension, absorbing everyone who daresa look at it.


Season/ Episode: 1/ 18
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Meyer Dolinsky

Regina is quite a busy bee, swarming around her new employer Ben. The entomologist is closer to the objects of his researches as he suspects for the amorous Regina isn’t as human as she appears.

The Invisibles

Season/ Episode: 1/ 19
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Joseph Stefano

Aliens have invaded the US and move among its citizens, invisible to them due to their human disguise. Do they suspect they have been infiltrated themselves by a terrestrial undercover agent?

The Bellero Shield

Season/ Episode: 1/ 20
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Joseph Stefano, Lou Morheim

Martin Landau’s scientist and his wife learn about thirst for power after harboring an alien. In the wrong hands, the peaceful creature’s energy shield can’t just protect but incarcerate: their hands.

The Children of Spider County

Season/ Episode: 1/ 21
Director: Leonard Horn
Writer: Anthony Lawrence

Ethan is innocent but condemned for murder. His father tries to persuade him to escape his prison and return back home: lightyears away from earth where the prodigious aliens are only visitors.

Specimen: Unknown

Season/ Episode: 1/ 22
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Conrad Hall

Flowers of evil grow outer space. The crew members of a space ship pick them up, unaware of their dangerous proneness to growth, deadly scent and most fatal, their adaptability an earthly conditions.

Second Chance

Season/ Episode: 1/ 23
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Lin Dane, Lou Morheim

The spaceship is no more than a shabby carnival attraction who’s morose operator is suddenly himself taken for a ride. The agency is an extraterrestrial one but its intentions are all too human.


Season/ Episode: 1/ 24
Director: Robert Florey
Writer: William Bast, Lou Morheim, Joseph Stefano

Researchers are put before an excruciating choice as a fugitive seeks shelter at their base. If they protect the alien, they risk being attacked by its persecutors. But would turning it away be human?

The Mutant

Season/ Episode: 1/ 25
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Writer: Allan Balter, Robert Mintz, Jerome B. Thomas

Reese Fowler knows what’s on the mind of his fellow travelers and doesn’t intend to give up his new cognitive powers. Even if it means for all of them staying on the planet that made him mighty.

The Guests

Season/ Episode: 1/ 26
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Donald S. Sanford

The master of the house to which Wade is lead by an old man is even stranger than its inhabitants. The latter are prisoner of the alien power that prolongs their lives – as long as they remain inside.

Fun and Games

Season/ Episode: 1/ 27
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Robert Specht, Joseph Stefano

Mike and Laura are invited to an intergalactic gladiatorial games. At stake: the lives of all mankind, as well as those of an extraterrestrial species. For that their two alien combatants step into the ring.

The Special One

Season/ Episode: 1/ 28
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Oliver Crawford

Kenny is an exemplary student since his father employed home teacher Mr. Zeno. Still, it seems strange that Mr. Zeno’s knowledge exceeds all other and one day he literally vanishes into thin air.

A Feasibility Study

Season/ Episode: 1/ 29
Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: Joseph Stefano

The residents of a suburban area become objects of an alien investigation. If the test group proves suitable for slave labour, their captors will proceed to invade earth and subjugate the human race.

Production and Decay of Strange Particles

Season/ Episode: 1/ 30
Director: Leslie Stevens
Writer: Leslie Stevens

As small as the subatomic particles inspected by Dr. Marshall and his team are, as huge is their power. Involuntarily they triggered a chain of reactions in which they themselves are the final joint.

The Chameleon

Season/ Episode: 1/ 31
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Robert Towne, Lou Morheim, Joseph Stefano

CIA agent Mace is sent on an undercover mission on that the fate of earth depends. But the longer he keeps up his disguise as alien, the more he starts feeling like one and questioning his loyalties.

The Forms of Things Unknown

Season/ Episode: 1/ 32
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Joseph Stefano

Vera Miles is Kasha, bound to her travel companion Leonora by murder. The body is in the trunk of their car, but the road they go down doesn’t lead where they planned and holds a dangerous detour.


Season/ Episode: 2/ 1
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Harlan Ellison

“Kill the enemy!”, is the sole command two soldiers obey on a battle field, somewhere in a distant future. A time vortex spirals one of the in a 60ties family home where he learns to understand peace.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Season/ Episode: 2/ 2
Director: Charles Haas
Writer: Dan Ullman

William Shattner’s General Barton comes closer to the sun than any human before him. After his return to earth, not only the climate makes the astronaut shiver but his ever recurring nightmares.

Behold, Eck!

Season/ Episode: 2/ 3
Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: John Mantley, Willia R. Cox

Dr. Stone is blind for the affection of his assistant Elizabeth. All the quirky scientist sees is a two-dimensional world who’s entrapped inhabitant desperately seeks for a way back in his own region.

Expanding Human

Season/ Episode: 2/ 4
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Francis Cockrell

Dr. Clifton broadens the horizon of his students not with lessons but psychotropic drugs. Those lead them to the borders of human perception and of death. Beyond waits a realm even more dangerous.

Demon with a Glass Hand

Season/ Episode: 2/ 5
Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: Harlan Ellison

A man awakes in an office building, missing his memory and three fingers of his one hand. That is actually a glass computer answering questions of which the most pressing is that of his own self.

Cry of Silence

Season/ Episode: 2/ 6
Director: Charles Haas
Writer: Robert C. Dennis, Louis Charbonneau

To get in such close touch with nature as they do during a drive in the countryside was never the plan for Andy and Karen. The couple becomes embattled by plants, steered by a strange meteorite.

The Invisible Enemy

Season/ Episode: 2/ 7
Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: Jerry Sohl

Upon their landing on Mars, Major Merritt and his crew discover only traces of the space mission their sent to find. The victims have become invisible. As is the voracious enemy out to hunt again.

Wolf 359

Season/ Episode: 2/ 8
Director: Laslo Benedek
Writer: Seeleg Lester, Richard Landau

Patrick O’Neil’s scientist watches like a god over the miniature planet he created on behalf of a company. As evolution progresses on the world he faces his worst fears: in a most palpable form.

I, Robot

Season/ Episode: 2/ 9
Director: Leon Benson
Writer: Robert C. Dennis

Adam is accused of the murder of Professor Link and his defense is only human. Less can be said of the client a retired lawyer is called to defend. Adam is a robot, created imperfect and punished for it.

The Inheritors (Part I + II)

Season/ Episode: 2/ 10 + 11
Director: James Goldstone
Writer: Seeleg Lester, Sam Neuman, Ed Adamson

After taking a bullet in the head, four ordinary US soldiers form a bond to work on a secret project. Their inexplicably increased mental capacity seems inhuman. Especially to the intelligence service.

Keeper of the Purple Twilight

Season/ Episode: 2/ 12
Director: Charles Haas
Writer: Milton Krims, Jerry Sohl

Before invading earth, an aliens sends one of their own to investigate human emotions. An arms deal enables him feel for the first time. No sooner he starts to doubt the justness of his mission.

The Duplicate Man

Season/ Episode: 2/ 13
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Robert C. Dennis, Clifford Simak

Wealthy researcher Henderson obtains illegally a rare specimen. When the alien escapes both men come to regret their improvidence. To catch the creature he doubles his force – and his troubles.


Season/ Episode: 2/ 14
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Milton Krims, Jerry Sohl

As a test in preparation of the colonizing of another planet, a team of volunteers undergoes a test that simulates the space flight. When their emotions become uncontrolled, so does the experiment.

The Brain of Colonel Barham

Season/ Episode: 2/ 15
Director: Charles Haas
Writer: Robert C. Dennis, Sidney Ellis

While the government run a race to sent the first man to Mars, Colonel Barham is racing against the clock. The terminally ill spaceman faces death till his supervisors mess with his head, in two ways.

The Premonition

Season/ Episode: 2/ 16
Director: Gerd Oswald
Writer: Sam Roeca, Ib Melchior

Jim and Linda are ahead of their time. A time tunnel transfers them in the future. Ten seconds, long enough to prevent the death of their daughter. But one change in the course of time involves others.

The Probe

Season/ Episode: 2/ 17
Director: Felix Feist
Writer: Seeleg Lester, Sam Neuman

First the four passengers of a failing plane look death in the eye, then a force even more fearful. Their rescue comes via an alien water sample in which they are caught and must escape in time.