The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

A Piece of the Action

Season/ Episode: 1/ 1
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Alfred Hayes

A lot is at stake for compulsive gambler Duke: his marriage, his honor among his buddies and the relation to his younger brother. The latter draws him back in the game: with all odds against Duke.

Don’t Look Behind You

Season/ Episode: 1/ 2
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Barre Lyndon

Psychology professor Harold sees his chance for amateur profiling when the campus is stalked by a killer. After his capture his murders remain as a sinister lesson to other disturbed minds: as Harold’s.

Night of the Owl

Season/ Episode: 1/ 3
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Writer: Andrew Grave

Their youngest daughter Anne is not the biological child of the Mallorys. Still, they are related by blood: that of Anne’s parents who died in a family slaughter that a blackmailer threatens to expose.

I Saw the Whole Thing

Season/ Episode: 1/4
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Henry Slesar

Michael Barnes is a keen attorney though it is his first time in court. Accused of causing a fatal car accident, he takes the defense upon himself. Likewise he did with the crime charge he is tried for.

Captive Audience

Season/ Episode: 1/ 5
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Richard Levinson, William Link

Editor Hartmann is all ears as James Mason’s mystery author Warren describes on tape his next plot. One sounding so real as if written by life. Is it too late for him to revise the bloody final chapter?

Final Vow

Season/ Episode: 1/ 6
Director: Norman Lloyd
Writer: Henry Slesar

A novice gets into a moral conflict as the secluded world of the nunnery is invaded by reality in form of a thief. His most ardent pursuer becomes the young nun who sheds her habit to catch him.


Season/ Episode: 1/ 7
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Robert Bloch

Nothing can harm the bright future of David and his beloved Annabel. Not even the truth, being that David’s dream woman has her own life and is scared of the psychopathic admirer. For good reason.

House Guest

Season/ Episode: 1/ 8
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Writer: Andrew Grave

John and Sally open the way for trouble when they open their home for the savior of their son’s life. The rude sponger overstays his welcome until John kills him – and is now even harder to get rid off.

The Black Curtain

Season/ Episode: 1/ 9
Director: Sydney Pollack
Writer: Cornel Woolrich

After being mugged in a store Phil loses his memory. When putting together the bits and pieces that come back to him, he sees the life he left behind three years ago: the first time he suffered amnesia.

Day of Reckoning

Season/ Episode: 1/ 10
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Richard Levinson, William Link

After killing his wife in a jealous rage Paul veils the crime as accident. His fraud works a trifle too well. As he finally confesses to ease his conscience his friends think him crazy. And act accordingly.

Ride the Nightmare

Season/ Episode: 1/ 11
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Richard Matheson

A call destroys the orderly life Martin leads with his wife, played by Gena Rowlands. On the line are his former accomplices in crime. Out of jail, they now demand he take his share of the blame.


Season/ Episode: 1/ 12
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: John D. McDonald

If alcoholic Hadley ever gets drunk again, his wife will leave him. So she promised, he remembers after a blackout. When back at home he sees she kept her word with some lethal assistance of his.


Season/ Episode: 1/ 13
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Alfred Hayes

Peter Falk turns nasty as twisted preacher with his eyes and talking skill set on young heiress Laura or rather: her house. The woman she inherited it from he killed. Now Laura might suffer her fate.

The Tender Poisoner

Season/ Episode: 1/ 14
Director: Leonard J. Horn
Writer: Lukas Heller

Peter comes with friendly advice in marriage matters to a pal who cheats his wife with a younger woman. After falling for the latter, Peter’s counseling becomes a new motivation: a murderous one.

The Thirty-First of February

Season/ Episode: 1/ 15
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Richard Matheson

Sergeant Cresse does everything to prove Mr. Anderson guilty of murdering his wife. It turns out to be a bit too much for the strained widower who manages to retain his innocence but not his sanity.

What Really Happened

Season/ Episode: 1/ 16
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Henry Slesar

After her rich husband dies by poisoning, Eve is tried for murder. While the evidence hardens, it is actually her housemaid who burdens herself with guilt: one only known to her, the true perpetrator.

Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog

Season/ Episode: 1/ 17
Director: Charles F. Haas
Writer: Lee Erwin

In a lonely beach home, Karen awaits anxiously her husband’s return. Instead a stranger comes to her door whom she suspects to be dangerous. The real peril, though, wears a more friendly face.

A Tangled Web

Season/ Episode: 1/ 18
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: James Bridges

Robert Redford’s young ex convict has a crush on maid Marie but no means to support them. His old accomplice suggest robbing a dead man what David does. But someone doubled the body count.

To Catch a Butterfly

Season/ Episode: 1/ 19
Director: David Lowell Rich
Writer: Richard Fielder

Childlike innocence isn’t the strong point of little Eddie who plays evil games with the new next-door neighbors. Their complaint to the parent is of little avail. How they say? Like father, like son.

The Paragon

Season/ Episode: 1/ 20
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Alfred Hayes

Joan Fontaine’s nosey housewife has always some advice for those around. Despite her husband’s plead she remain silent about a local scandal, she can’t help it. But he can: with murderous aid.

I’ll Be Judge — I’ll Be Jury

Season/ Episode: 1/ 21
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Lukas Heller

Only over his dead body his wife’s murderer is to escape, Mark swears, and is promptly snuffed by the killer. The police can’t touch him but Mark’s in-laws have set up a deadly trap. For him or them?

Diagnosis: Danger

Season/ Episode: 1/ 22
Director: Sydney Pollack
Writer: Roland Kibbee

A killer is loose and threatens to throw Lo. A. in a panic. The men trying to hunt him down aren’t police but scientists. What they search is the vector of a deadly virus, going from hand to hand.

The Lonely Hours

Season/ Episode: 1/ 23
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: William D. Morgan

Somewhere Gena Rowland’s Louise has seen the face of her new boarder Vera before. Was it the delivery ward where they were at the same time? Or in the face of her baby Vera is so taken in by?

The Star Juror

Season/ Episode: 1/ 24
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Writer: James Bridges

Having murderer a girl brings trustful George to court. Not in the dock but the jury box where he has to take part in reaching a verdict about the victim’s boyfriend. Doing so he condemns himself.

The Long Silence

Season/ Episode: 1/ 25
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Charles Beaumont, William D. Gordon

By murdering his rich spouse’s adult son, Ralph nearly kills her as well. The stroke she suffered due to shock forces her to stay silent and Ralph plots to keep her so: by tempering with her medication.

An Out for Oscar

Season/ Episode: 1/ 26
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: David Goodis

Cashier Oscar, his cheating wife and her criminal lover all agree: it’s time for a bank robbery. But about who gets how much money and who gets killed by whom they all have different opinions.

Death and the Joyful Woman

Season/ Episode: 1/ 27
Director: John Brahm
Writer: James Bridges

Wealthy wine merchant Luis Aguilar drinks one glass too many at a party and ends up killed. His murderess also knocks out a witness who might still be saved if found in time. Well, in vino veritas.

Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans

Season/ Episode: 1/ 28
Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.
Writer: Lou Rambeau

On a cross-country trip teenaged Loren and her parents stop at a dinner. She goes on her own back in the car for a nap and awakes in a nightmare: inside the wrong vehicle with some very bad people.

The Dark Pool

Season/ Episode: 1/ 29
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: William D. Gordon

After the drowning of Dianne’s adopted son, the recovering alcoholic is in danger of drowning her grief in drink. Just that is what deceitful Consuela, who poses as the boy’s real mother has in mind.

Dear Uncle George

Season/ Episode: 1/ 30
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Writer: James Bridges

John writes under the pseudonym George as agony uncle for a newspaper. When a reader’s letter from an indignated neighbor tells about the unfaithfulness of his wife, good counsel is murderous.

Run for Doom

Season/ Episode: 1/ 31
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: James Bridges

Diana Dor’s turns on the heat as seductive Nikki, leaving behind her a trail of broken hearts. One belongs to her fiancee’s father who dies of coronary failure. The deaths to follow are less natural.

Death of a Cop

Season/ Episode: 1/ 32
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Writer: Leigh Brackett

Police veteran Reardon is haunted by guilt about the death of his son who was killed in the line of duty. His subsequent revenge campaign is both retaliation and a way of self punishment: with death.

A Home Away from Home

Season/ Episode: 2/ 1
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Writer: Robert Bloch

The first time Nathalie meets her uncle in a mental institution. There he is not as a patient but as chief physician, despite his behavior to the contrary. Nor does the rest of the staff seem all that sane.

A Nice Touch

Season/ Episode: 2/ 2
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Mann Rubin

Actress Janice gave up her career to support that of her lover Larry, played by George Segal. Him she calls when an argument with her husband escalates. Larry gives her directions: in her last part.

Terror at Northfield

Season/ Episode: 2/ 3
Director: Harvey Hart
Writer: Leigh Brackett

A killer stalks their town, the people of Northfield believe. His first victim is John Cooley’s son, the second a reckless driver, the third a librarian. Only John knows the connection between the killings.

You’ll Be the Death of Me

Season/ Episode: 2/ 4
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: William D. Gordon

The past holds Arthur in its grip, in the form of the war or the death of his lover whom he kills under the impression of shell-shock. As his wife starts suspecting him, he decides to go on killing.

Blood Bargain

Season/ Episode: 2/ 5
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Henry Slesar

Hitman Jim is hired to kill bookie Eddie but thinks twice upon as discovering his boss isn’t the only one cheated. The other is his wheelchair-bound wife – who’s not as helpless as she appears to him.

Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale

Season/ Episode: 2/ 6
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Writer: Richard Levinson, William Link

Harry buries his wife at the side of her most beloved: her dog. The pet’s grave seems the ideal place for the corpse without that there won’t be a murder. Still, Harry’s neighbor snoops around too much.

Starring the Defense

Season/ Episode: 2/ 7
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Henry Slesar

With an ardent speech of lawyer Mr. Crawford fights for his son, convincing both judge and jury of his innocence. The speech was well rehearsed: during Crawford’s former occupation as movie actor.

The Cadaver

Season/ Episode: 2/ 8
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: James Bridges

Medical student Doc thinks of his prank with a stolen corpse he places in the bed of a drunken fellow student as a real killer. So it is: for Doc who suffers the consequences of his morbid humor.

The Dividing Wall

Season/ Episode: 2/ 9
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Joel Murcott

Mechanic Fred and his colleagues get nostalgic for their former business: a criminal. Instead of the pay roll, they steal the whole safe to open it later, unaware they got their hands on Pandora’s box.

Goodbye, George

Season/ Episode: 2/ 10
Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: William Fay

An Oscar and her marriage wait for star actress Lana Layne. If she manages to bury her sordid past and her ex-con husband who is alive as pesky as dead. Especially with a gossip columnist around.

How to Get Rid of Your Wife

Season/ Episode: 2/ 11
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Robert Gould

Poison and a grave-shaped pit are part of Gerald’s plan to rid himself of his wife. She isn’t supposed to be killed but scared away by his fake murder plot. In return she comes up with one of her own.

Three Wives Too Many

Season/ Episode: 2/ 12
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Writer: Arthur A. Ross

Dan Duryea’s Ray is a notorious gambler and bigamist who’s rich wives die suspiciously sudden. The cops keep a close eye on him, just as his overjealous ex-wife who’d kill to have him for herself.

The Magic Shop

Season/ Episode: 2/ 13
Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: John Collier

Since little Tony visited the wizardly shop of Mr. Dulong, his surroundings modify as if by magic. In a literal sense that terrifies his parents as much as the sadistic streak their resistless son reveals.

Beyond the Sea of Death

Season/ Episode: 2/ 14
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Alfred Hayes, William D. Gordon

After her husband Keith dies abroad, affluent Grace is ready to give all her money to a spiritualist. He claims to be in contact with Keith, as indeed he is: in a prosaic sense, as Grace mother suspects.

Night Caller

Season/ Episode: 2/ 15
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Robert Westerby

Housewife Marcia is anxious about the protrusive attention of their new neighbor. She accuses him of being a peeping tom and also the obscene caller who keeps terrorizing her: into deadly extremes.

The Evil of Adelaide Winters

Season/ Episode: 2/ 16
Director: László Benedek
Writer: Arthur A. Ross

Kim Hunter’s titular spiritualist makes a living with the death of WWII soldiers. Claiming to contact their ghosts, she fleeces the bereaved. One of them has plans to marry her – and a family reunion.

The Jar

Season/ Episode: 2/ 17
Director: Norman Lloyd
Writer: James Bridges

Is it the bogey man, a ghost or divine work? At first glance it’s a smudgy jar Charlie brought form a freak show to his hillbilly town. But the people stare and stare until each sees something else in it.

Final Escape

Season/ Episode: 2/ 18
Director: William Witney
Writer: John Resko

No prison could ever hold serial jailbreaker John. Now he’s in a lumber camp where the only way out is in a coffin. So he strikes a deal with veteran inmate Doc who’s responsible for the internment.

Murder Case

Season/ Episode: 2/ 19
Director: John Brahm
Writer: James Bridges

John Cassavetes’s stage actor Lee is ready to kill for love of his co-actor Diana. The same goes for Diana’s wealthy husband who finances the play that sees him dead at the end. And not only him.

Anyone for Murder

Season/ Episode: 2/ 20
Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Jack Ritchie

In a newspaper column Dr. Parkerson offers assistance in marriage troubles by suggesting methods of murder. What starts as psychological research turns into a private treatment with lethal results.

Beast in View

Season/ Episode: 2/ 21
Director: Joseph Newman
Writer: James Bridges

Behind the anonymous calls harassing her is her nemesis Dorothy, Helen tells the private detective she puts on the case. He discovers Dorothy could actually be insane and closer than Helen knows.

Behind the Locked Door

Season/ Episode: 2/ 22
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Joel Murcott

Dave believes a fortune to be barred room in the parental home of his late wife. The key lies in the hands of his mother-in-law who never trusted him but now lets him by: with homicidal intentions.

A Matter of Murder

Season/ Episode: 2/ 23
Director: David Lowell Rich
Writer: Boris Sobelman

Serendipity: Mr. Westcott’s Rolls Royce is stolen as he checks the water level of a lake. What thief Philadelphia Harry doesn’t realize is that Mrs. Wescott’s is still in the car. Murdered by her husband.

The Gentleman Caller

Season/ Episode: 2/ 24
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Writer: James Bridges

Gerald and Milly are keen on the rummage of dotty Emmy Rice. Among her stuff the criminal pair hid their loot. To get it back they need to coax their way in Emmy’s heart – and thereby her will.

The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow

Season/ Episode: 2/ 25
Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: Alvin Sargent

Adelaide loves her cats and hates her niece’s husband Bruce, telling everyone he is a check forger. To silence her Bruce plans to have her perish in her own bank vault. He locks her up -but not alone.

Ten Minutes from Now

Season/ Episode: 2/ 26
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Arthur A. Ross

Painter Ballington receives less attention for his art work than for his bomb threats. When the police examine him they find only harmless art supplies: which happen to be the material of his crime plot.

The Sign of Satan

Season/ Episode: 2/ 27
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Barre Lyndon

Christopher Lee plays horror actor Karl Jorla who is approached by Hollywood producers for a big movie. Because of his involvement with a devil cult he fears for his life. Not without good reason.

Who Needs an Enemy

Season/ Episode: 2/ 28
Director: Harry Morgan
Writer: Arthur A. Ross

As Charlie’s embezzlements leak out, his business partner Eddie insist he return the money. Unwilling, Charlie decides to fake his suicide. What started as a scheme takes a deadly turn.

Bed of Roses

Season/ Episode: 2/ 29
Director: Philip Leacock
Writer: James Bridges

The future doesn’t look too rosy for George after he goes to pay off his greedy ex-lover and finds her dead. Instead of her he is now blackmailed by the cab driver who took him to the murder site.

The Second Verdict

Season/ Episode: 2/ 30
Director: Lewis Teague
Writer: Alfred Hayes, Henry Slesar

Just after having freed his client Lew from murder charges, lawyer Mr. Murray is doubly faced with Lew’s guilt as well as his own as unwilled subsidiary. To get even he takes the law in his own hands.


Season/ Episode: 2/ 31
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: William Fay, Henry Slesar

Wrongfully accused by an old Lady, Howard goes to prison. There he is reformed for the worse. After his release he robs the sum he would have earned in freedom and is out for more payback

Body in the Barn

Season/ Episode: 2/ 32
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Writer: Harold Swanton

Lilian Gish’s old Bessie and her daughter Camilla are divided from the neighboring couple in two ways: by a fence and a feud. When the man tries to cross the line he treads on dangerous ground.

The Return of Verge Likens

Season/ Episode: 3/ 1
Director: Arnold Laven
Writer: James Bridges

When his father is shot by a local politician, Peter Fonda’s title character returns to his home town for revenge. There a barber shop job is the chance to give a shave with a touch of Sweeney Todd.

Change of Address

Season/ Episode: 3/ 2
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Morton S. Fine, David Friedkin

Despite her presentiment Elsa’s husband is resolute to buy a beach house and there soon acts oddly. At the same place already the last owner’s wife disappeared and Elsa fears history will repeat itself.

Water’s Edge

Season/ Episode: 3/ 3
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Alfred Hayes

From a dead cell mate Rusty learned about the loot, hidden in an old beach house. Looking for the booty he and the widow come closer and closer to be eaten by greed – and the rat’s nest inhabitants.

The Life Work of Juan Diaz

Season/ Episode: 3/ 4
Director: Norman Lloyd
Writer: Ray Bradbury

To his sorrow Juan Diaz without leaving a penny to his family. As his body is removed from the graveyard they can’t pay for anymore, his wife gets Juan back home and a fine income through him.

See the Monkey Dance

Season/ Episode: 3/5
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Writer: Lewis Davidson

On the way to his lover George meets a man who tells him he is her husband. Their encounter was planned by her and supposed to end deadly for George. Now he is out for revenge; they both are.

Lonely Place

Season/ Episode: 3/ 6
Director: Harvey Hart
Writer: Francis Gwaltney

Sick of her cowardly husband, Stella hires Bruce Dern’s hobo who has a kinky thing for blades. As he holds a knife to her throat, she escapes on her own and sees a nice chance backstab both men.

The McGregor Affair

Season/ Episode: 3/ 7
Director: David Friedkin, William Friedkin
Writer: David Friedkin, Morton S. Fine

A macabre take on the legend of Burke and Hare who in 18th century Edinburgh do more than just dig up corpses for Dr. Knox‘ medical studies and here receive a generous dole from Elsa Lanchester.


Season/ Episode: 3/ 8
Director: Joseph M. Newman
Writer: Lewis Davidson

Disguised as gas man, George tricks his way into Eva’s home and heart, inciting her to kill her husband. The latter is busy with his own murder plot; a homicidal streak that runs in the family.


Season/ Episode: 3/ 9
Director: Harvey Hart
Writer: Arthur A. Ross

In India, Mary is out on a mission: defending her husbands and her own position against possible rivals. Such as a doctors‘ couple of for whom wait deadlier things than cholera: jealousy.

Memo from Purgatory

Season/ Episode: 3/ 10
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Harlan Ellison

To make his novel about youth delinquency more authentic, aspiring writer Jay infiltrates the gang of hot-tempered Tiger. The gang’s leader shows his claws as Jay gets involved with his girlfriend.

Consider Her Ways

Season/ Episode: 3/ 11
Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: Oscar Millard

For an experiment Dr. Jane Waterleigh takes a drug that allows her a blink in a dystopian future. Determined to alter the course of time she succeeds – but only in corroborating what’s predestined.

The Crimson Witness

Season/ Episode: 3/ 12
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: David Friedkin

To share and share alike is the motto of Farnum Job. He takes his brother Ernie’s job, wife and lover away and finally his patience. Finding out that Farnum embezzeld money, he plans biblical revenge.

Where the Woodbine Twineth

Season/ Episode: 3/ 13
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: James Bridges

Little Eva has many playmates in the souther gothic mansion of her guardian Captain King. Albeit they are all imaginary. Real is only her doll – in a degree that is not only for Eva’s aunt frightening.

Final Performance

Season/ Episode: 3/ 14
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Robert Bloch

On his way to Hollywood, TV author Cliff picks up underaged hitchhiker Rosie. She is trying to escape a washed-up stage actor that holds her at a run-down motel and won’t let her leave alive.

Thanatos Palace Hotel

Season/ Episode: 3/ 15
Director: László Benedek
Writer: Arthur A. Ross

Room for one more at the titular haven for the world-weary. The guests form a suicide club where they kill each other. Also Robert is a member for life – and the institution won’t let him change that.

One of the Family

Season/ Episode: 3/ 16
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Oscar Millard

To Dexter Dailey elderly nanny Frieda, who once nursed him as a child, is like family member. To his wife she is a potential threat to their baby since her former children in care mysteriously died.

An Unlocked Window

Season/ Episode: 3/ 17
Director: Joseph Newman
Writer: James Bridges

Somewhere around the lonely home of sickly Mr. Baker there is serial killer at large. All his victims were pretty young nurses. Just like Stella who is too nervous to realize that evil found a loophole.

The Trap

Season/ Episode: 3/ 18
Director: John Brahm
Writer: Lee Kalcheim

Sick of the old toy manufacturer she is married to, Peg seduces his assistant to kill him. As he wavers she takes action herself, not realizing that she isn’t the only one playing a deadly game.

Wally the Beard

Season/ Episode: 3/ 19
Director: James H. Brown
Writer: Arthur A. Ross

Dumped for being too plain, Walter dons a wig and beard, impersonating yachtsman Phil. As he tries to impress a young girl, her boyfriend digs out his past and blackmails him into criminal help.

Death Scene

Season/ Episode: 3/ 20
Director: Harvey Hart
Writer: James Bridges

Slick opportunist Leo reaches for the fortune of John Carradine’s forgotten silent screen director by marrying his daughter. Soon he shows his murderous true face, not knowing he hasn’t yet seen hers.

The Photographer and the Undertaker

Season/ Episode: 3/ 21
Director: Alex Marsh
Writer: Alfred Hayes

Though Arthur is a photographer and Hiram an undertaker, both are competitors in their unofficial profession as hitman. When their employer makes cost cuts, one of them has to pay with his life.

Thou Still Unravished Bride

Season/ Episode: 3/ 22
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Morton S. Fine, Davic Friedkin

To think over the proposal of her new police man lover Tommy, American tourist Sally takes a walk through London’s fog. There also lurks a strangler who might find her if Tommy doesn’t do so first.

Completely Foolproof

Season/ Episode: 3/ 23
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Anthony Terpiloff

Crooked land developer Joe decides to murder his wife when she demands a divorce and blackmails him. Too bad for him that their penchant for shady deals isn’t the only thing they have in common.

Power of Attorney

Season/ Episode: 3/ 24
Director: Harvey Hart
Writer: James Bridges

Phony investment agent James Jarvis cheats elderly Mary of her savings. Mary’s best friend Agatha is determined to have him pay: for the money he took and the death of her friend who killed herself.

The World’s Oldest Motive

Season/ Episode: 3/ 25
Director: Harry Morgan
Writer: Lewis Davidson

Alex delights in his valuable stamp collection as much as in his lover Fiona. Unfortunately, he is still married. Enticed by Fiona, he puts a hit on his wife but changes his mind – and pays double.

The Monkey’s Paw – A Retelling

Season/ Episode: 3/ 26
Director: Robert Stevens
Writer: David Friedkin, Anthony Terpiloff, Morton S. Fine

This retelling of W. W. Jacob’s tale shifts the scene to the Bahamas. A couple grieving their son takes refuge to the cursed item that grants its owner three wishes: each with fatal consequences.

The Second Wife

Season/ Episode: 3/ 27
Director: Joseph Newman
Writer: Robert Bloch

Colder than the derelict house Martha moves is the behavior of her new husband she met via a pen pal program. The gossip about his first wife’s death drives her mad with fear – in the proper sense.

Night Fever

Season/ Episode: 3/ 28
Director: Herbert Coleman
Writer: Gilbert Ralston

After a shootout with the police, handsome robber Jerry ends up in hospital. There he tries to charm veteran nurse Ellen into helping him escape, sensing her professional attitude isn’t all untouchable.

Off Season

Season/ Episode: 3/ 29
Director: William Friedkin
Writer: Robert Bloch

Cop Johnny is quick-tempered and a deadly quick shot. Suspended for his brashness, he takes a job watching a bungalow lot. There some saucy gossip has his mind working and his trigger-finger itch.