Teenage Zombies

Director: Jerry Warren
Country/ Year: USA 1959

What starts out as a cruise with Skip, Julie, Reg and Pam ends on the island of Dr. Myra, who grounds the beach boys and babes in her dungeon and plans to zombify the whole US. Not cool.

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King of the Zombies

Director: Jean Yarbrough
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Self-indulgent and all too obviously pieced together along the lines of “The Ghost Breakers”, the sole asset of the sticky spoof is Mantan Moreland`s comedic gift, overshining his stereotyped role.

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Revolt of the Zombies

Director: Jack Halperin, Victor Halperin
Country/ Year: USA 1936

Though it lacks the baleful moodiness of „White Zombie“, the Halperin Brother’s follow-up about a scholars frustrated love and murderous revenge invokes a somber air of self-torture and dread.

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Bowery at Midnight

Director: Wallace Fox
Country/ Year: USA 1942

During war time one couldn’t even trust a soup kitchen if it was kept by a foreigner like Bela Lugosi’s Karl Wagner: a heinous head shrink, head of a crime syndicate and a zombie army.

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Horror Express

Director: Eugenio Martin
Country/ Year: Spain, UK 1972

Think of a spanish version of “Who goes there?”, taking place in the Trans-Siberian railroad instead of the north pole and You get an idea of the low-budget ghost train ride. Don’t be ashamed to get a ticket, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee got theirs, too.

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Night of the Living Dead

Director: George A. Romero
Country/ Year: USA

“They are coming to get You!” And so they will, if not the undead with their craving for human flesh than the much more appalling subtext of this classic shocker.

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White Zombie

Director: Jack Halperin, Victor Halperin
Country/ Year: USA 1932

Enigmatic dreamlike atmosphere and Bela Lugosi as “A man named Murder!” guide the initiator of one of the most prolific horror genres through its uneven plot.

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