stage play

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath

Director: Edward Sedgwick
Country/ Year: USA 1931

“The Taming of the Shrew” becomes on screen the taming of Shakespeare’s snappy mockery of the battle of the sexes. Fading silent star Buster Keaton appears harrowingly uncomfortable in the lead.

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Cyrano de Bergerac

Director: Michael Gordon
Country/ Year: USA 1950

Suffering under a nose just about as enormous as his wit, the voluble title character of the artfully staged filming betrays his own passion for a beauteous damsel by prompting his dull competitor.

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The Bat

Director: Crane Wilbur
Country/ Year: USA 1959

One can’t go wrong with Vincent Price, creepy setting and an often remade stage hit. The latter has an iron hand clawing woman’s throats, preferably that of Agnes Moorhead’s crime author,

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The Gorilla

Director: Allan Dwan
Country/ Year: USA 1939

For decades, Hollywood’s horror pet wasn’t the vampire bat but the titular beast of the sappy spook comedy. Bela Lugosi went apeshit again in „Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla“.

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Orphans of the Storm

Director: D. W. Griffith
Country/ Year: USA 1921

Lilian “Birth of a Nation” and Dorothy Gish were paired up the ultimate time by the godfather of modern mainstream melodrama in this ultimate silent blockbuster about the beauty of righteousness and the boons of reactionism.

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Broken Blossoms

Director: D. W. Griffith
Country/ Year: 1919

Blossoming Lillian Gish, beaten by her alcoholic father, finds shelter with a gentle chinese. But even such a modest relation between, quote the source novel, “Chink and child” spells tragedy.

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Director: Lewis Milestone
Country/ Year: USA 1932

Joan Crawford as the eponymous prostitute of W. Somerset Maugham’s “Sadie Thompson” gives this slated stage-to-screen flick the sultriness both tropical heat and moral putridity lack.

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