Perversion for Profit

Director: George Putnam
Country/ Year: USA 1969

“We must save our nation from decay and deliver our children from the horrors of perversion!”, pleads narrator-director Putnam in his privily lecherous lambasting of sex rags and nudie mags.

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British Intelligence

Director: Terry O.Morse
Country/ Year: USA 1940

Nationalities, identities and loyalties change hasty among Boris Karloff and the others protagonists of the decent spy flick, that takes the infiltration of the home as metaphor for that of the country.

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Black Dragons

Director: William Nigh
Country/ Year: USA 1942

US ministers are found on the stairs of the japanese embassy, US business moguls are nowhere to be found and both are dead! Bela Lugosi’s hypnotizing stare and the auspicious time of action spell YELLOW PERIL to those, who yet don’t know the titular crime club from „Let’s get tough!“.

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Director: Rudolphe Mate
Country/ Year: USA 1949

An unrelenting metaphor for the futility of middle-class correctness and the anonymous casualties of state conflicts hides under the rough surface of Matés bitter american thriller.

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