That Uncertain Feeling

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Years of unsatisfying marriage drive MerleOberon to divorce Melvyn Douglas and run for a shrink. In the anteroom waits the pacifist pianist that awakens her desire and her ex’s combative spirit.

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Parlor, Bedroom and Bath

Director: Edward Sedgwick
Country/ Year: USA 1931

“The Taming of the Shrew” becomes on screen the taming of Shakespeare’s snappy mockery of the battle of the sexes. Fading silent star Buster Keaton appears harrowingly uncomfortable in the lead.

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Something to Sing About

Director: Victor Schertzinger
Country/ Year: USA 1937

A rising singer leaves band and bride to sign a Hollywood contract. When he finally gets to sign, it also includes a clause forbidding him to marry for seven years. James Cagney carries all the tune.

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The Stranger

Director: Orson Welles
Country/ Year: USA 1946

Loretta Young’s unsuspecting wife is closer too the enemy than she imagines. Much closer than Edward G. Robinson’s title figure, who peaks behind the small town facade and that of her husband.

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The Bigamist

Director: Ida Lupino
Country/ Year: USA 1953

Despite being empathically staged by Lupino, the mix of strained social drama and petty romance is overcharged with its reactionary handled themes of family ideals, emotional claims and conceit.

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Penny Serenade

Director: George Stevens
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Irene Dunne and Cary Grant as foster parents struggling with financial difficulties are about the only thing in tune in the same old soapy song about the blessing of conservative family values.

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Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman

Director: Stuart Heisler
Country/ Year: USA 1947

Susan Hayward’s unabated performance as a fading nightclub singer with two weaknesses – lover Ken and drink – raises the level of the shaky social drama far over that of a moral message movie.

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Chained for Life

Director: Harry L. Fraser
Country/ Year: USA 1951

Real life siamese twins Violet and Daisy Hilton, after appearing in the shunned “Freaks” as well as with mainstreamer Bob Hope ended their performing careers in this regrettable potboiler much more keen on showcasing physical disability than those of the law.

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