The Mad Monster

Director: Sam Newfield
Country/ Year: USA 1942

George Zucco works in his sinister scientists lab on generating an army of wolf men to score off his former colleagues. Considering the wave of werewolves in 40ties horror, he somehow succeeded.

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The Corpse Vanishes

Director: Wallace Fox
Country/ Year: USA 1942

Flowers of evil grow in the laboratory of Bela Lugosi’s mad botanist who vainly tries to restore the youth of his bride (Val Lewton regular Elizabeth Russel) with the blood of other unlucky brides.

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The Screaming Skull

Director: Alex Nicol
Country/ Year: USA 1958

F. Marion Crawford’s story of the same name triggered Alex Nicol’s gawky ghost shocker that promised a free funeral to anyone who would be scared to death. Watch it to find out how wise the Studio not to cover death of boredom.

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Scared to Death

Director: Christy Cabanne
Country/ Year: USA 1947

“On hates to perform an autopsy on a beautiful girl.”, states one of the goofy figures concerned with the titular fatality, who’s slight merits are laughable dialogue and Bela Lugosi in full color.

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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Kabinet des Dr Caligari)

Director: Robert Wiene
Country/ Year: Germany 1920

Painted shadows, distorted sets and scanted camera angles determine the haunting world where sideshow barkers are also mad-doctors and sleep is deadly. One might fall victim to a murderer or, worse, become one. If it’s all just a vision in a lunatics or a sinister omen of history.

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Jane Eyre (1943)

Director: Robert Stevenson
Country/ Year: USA 1944

Orson Welles dominates the gloomy melodrama by Robert Stevenso (no relation to the writer) with a defiant interpretation as Rochester, ambiguous love interest of Charlotte Brontes eponymous assertive heroine.

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Dementia 13

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Country/ Year: USA 1963

Putting it mildly, the family conditions which a sexy legacy hunter and the directorial feature debut infiltrate are a bit pathological. Some members fall victim to bizarre accidents, others under the axe of a lurking murderer.

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