Waldo’s Last Stand

Director: Edward Cahn
Country/ Year: USA 1940

Waldo wants to make big business by selling lemonade. So Alfalfa, Darla and the rest of “Our Gang” transform a barn to a clubhouse and turn on the heat. First by a stage act, then literally.

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Neath Brooklyn Bridge

Director: Wallace Fox
Country/ Year: USA 1942

Somewhere between “The Dead End Kids” and “The Little Though Guys” and before “The Bowery Boys” some of the actors joined “The East Side Kids” serial for some b-movie banter and bigotry.

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School’s Out

Director: Robert F. McGowan
Country/ Year: USA 1930

“Our Gang” is all for the elimination of summer vacation. After all, their nice young teacher could get married meanwhile – unless the resourceful rascals scare off her suitor with staggering tales.

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They Made Me a Criminal

Director: Busby Berkeley
Country/ Year: USA 1939

“Johnnie be good”, goes the lection of the uptight crime tale about a young champion who gets framed for murder. Dead end? No, just the Dead End Kids and some highly moralistic values.

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Swamp Women

Director: Roger Corman
Country/ Year: USA 1955

A girl gang, a female investigator and her beefcake boyfriend all in the same boat in the swamps of Louisiana. Plus diamonds and alligators. Watch this if You like girl fights and hot pants!

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