The Painted Hills

Director: Harold F. Kress
Country/ Year: USA 1951

Lifelike acting comes in this family flick solely from its star Pal and his unnamed stand-ins, better know as “Lassie”. The gold rush collie tale is one of seven films MGM. Thanks god, the last one.

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Father’s Little Dividend

Director: Vincente Minelli
Country/ Year: USA 1951

The sequel about parent’s baby anxieties lacks the lightweight charm of „Father of the Bride“ but keeps the pleasing cast of Spencer Tracy, Liz Taylor and Joan Bennett. Flimsy, but funny enough.

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Penny Serenade

Director: George Stevens
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Irene Dunne and Cary Grant as foster parents struggling with financial difficulties are about the only thing in tune in the same old soapy song about the blessing of conservative family values.

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Spider Baby

Director: Jack Hill, Bart Paton
Country/ Year: USA 1964

„This cannibal orgy is strange to behold in the maddest story ever told.“, sings Lon Chaney, Jr. as guardian chauffeur of the siblings, who’s family name coins that of a fictional mental illness. Legit.

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Street Angel

Director: Yuan Mushi
Country/ Year: China 1937

Poetry and pragmatism go hand in hand in a touching, yet unsentimental chronic of two sisters social decline. Gentle humor and a glimpse of hope sublime the painful realism of this fragile gem.

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The Monster Walks

Director: Frank R. Strayer
Country/ Year: USA 1932

When in a stormy night a young couple visits a sinister mansion, where rummy relatives and servants lurk, a murderous ape isn’t far. The most inventive strike here is that it’s not a gorilla.

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Dementia 13

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Country/ Year: USA 1963

Putting it mildly, the family conditions which a sexy legacy hunter and the directorial feature debut infiltrate are a bit pathological. Some members fall victim to bizarre accidents, others under the axe of a lurking murderer.

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