Director: Dwain esper
Country/ Year: USA 1934

“Narcotic” got You hooked? You crave the full dose Dwain Esper? See the horrible (funny) exploits of Dr. Meierschultz, a complete – yes – maniac! How shouldn’t he be with that name?

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Sex Madness

Director: Dwain Esper
Country/ Year: USA 1938

If You found this clean minded moral lection by searching for tags You’re a perv and should watch the dire consequences of it! Porno parties! Premarital intercourse! Lesbianism! And it all comes from the trained hands of Dwain „How to undress in front of Your Husband“ Esper.

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Reefer Madness

Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Country/ Year: USA 1936

„Tell Your Children!“, demands the original title of this assiduous assemblage of drug devastation, brought upon high school kids via wacko weed dealers. So tell them they must see the exploitative expertise of the producer of ”How to take a Bath” and “The strange Love of Adolf Hitler”.

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Child Bride

Director: Harry Revier
Country/ Year: USA 1938

Hilarious hick-flick with a bit part for Angelo Rossitto (“Freaks”) about the jolly ol‘ traditions of marrying sexy underaged girls and tarring and feathering their snappy teachers.

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