The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge

Director: Shigehiro Ozawa
Country/ Year: Japan 1974

The final part of the martial arts trilogy staring Sonny Chiba has been mauled as bad the crooks the titular hero is after. Messy dubbing and re-cutting multiply the chronological and logical gaps.

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The Fast and the Furious

Director: John Ireland, Edward Sampson
Country/ Year: USA 1955

Freshly escaped from jail, unjustly imprisoned Frank races towards the Mexican border. On his side a hottie hostage, on his heels thuggish truck drivers. One of Roger Corman’s ideas ignited the chase.

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Director: Arch Hall, Sr.
Country/ Year: USA 1962

A matter of the heart for Hall, Sr. who wrote the story, produced, cast himself as father of the female lead wooed with the title brute and little Arch Hall, Jr. as her boyfriend. The result is, well: Eegah!

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The Amazing Transparent Man

Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Country/ Year: USA 1960

Transparent becomes not only the criminal, who is forcibly employed by a dubious major, but the dissatisfaction of b-movie-master Ulmer, who can’t elevate the cheap chiller from its trashy lows.

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Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

Director: Haruyasu Noguchi
Country/ Year: Japan 1967

If a smarmy editor invites You on an island trip, don’t go. If You went, don’t visit the forbidden zone. And if You did that as well, don’t steal the giant egg of a baby monster ready to hatch!

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