Battleship Potemkin

Director: Sergei Eisenstein
Country/ Year: Russia 1925

Maggots initiate a revolt onboard the war vessel, fanning the flames of revolution in the people of Odessa. There the staircase awaits the bloody abatement of the uprising. But not its spirit.

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Tarzan the Tiger

Director: Henry McRae
Country/ Year: USA 1929

Long considered lost, the serial going from silent to sound originated Tarzan’s call as well as the unfailable mix of exotism, animal action and stereotypes. Not to forget the beef- and cheesecake.

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Wizard of Oz

Director: Larry Semon
Country/ Year: USA 1925

Sad irony, that the word describing best Frank L. Baum’s marvelous tale is missing from the title: wonderful. The obscure burlesque is anything but, devoted to show off its director cum lead actor.

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The Show Off

Director: Malcolm St. Clair
Country/ Year: USA 1926

Louise Brook’s bit part in more than one sense supports the innocuous drollery set around an incurable braggart, his bride’s family and how he learns to use his flaw to their commercial benefit.

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The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

Director: John Emerson
Country/ Year: USA 1916

With a name like “Coke Ennyday” no peculiar detective in the world (literature) could resist the occasional fix. Not even if he’s played by Douglas Fairbanks snooping for silent siren Bessie Love.

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The Great Train Robbery

Director: Edwin S. Porter
Country/ Year: USA 1903

Within a dozen minutes, the trailblazing cowboy adventure packed a host of never-seen-before shooting techniques as well as some shoot-out sequences which still hold their spark.

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Un chien andalou

Director: Louis Bunuel
Country/ Year: France 1929

Razor-sharp as the unsettling opening sequence are the dark tropes of sexuality & sadism composed by Salvador Dali and Bunuel who called his movie „a desperate, passionate call for murder”.

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Way Down East

Director: D. W. Griffith
Country/ Year: USA 1920

If the cliff-hanging image of Lilian Gish surfing on an ice floe towards a waterfall can’t oust all the hammy Hollywood hokum of today, neither will the woeful tale of her marriage and motherhood.

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Abraham Lincoln

Director: D. W. Griffith
Country/ Year: USA 1930

John Wilkes Booth would have met his master in Griffith who killed off the president a second time after shooting him in “Birth of a Nation”. The latter’s historic warps abound in the biopic as well.

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The Gold Rush

Director: Charlie Chaplin
Country/ Year: USA 1925

Chaplin said it was this funny and sweet adventure of his little tramp he liked to be remembered by. After seeing him do the dance of the rolls and eat his shoe, one can’t help but to oblige.

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