Perversion for Profit

Director: George Putnam
Country/ Year: USA 1969

“We must save our nation from decay and deliver our children from the horrors of perversion!”, pleads narrator-director Putnam in his privily lecherous lambasting of sex rags and nudie mags.

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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Director: Nicholas Webster
Country/ Year: USA 1964

„All this trouble over a fat little man in a red suit!” Didn’t these martians listen to the soundtrack of the trashy fun? „You spell it S-A-N-T-A C-L-A-U-S!“ He who laughs last, laughs best. Ho, ho, ho.

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The Incredible Petrified World

Director: Jerry Warren
Country/ Year: USA 1960

A deep sea expedition accidentally ends up in an underwater retreat where skeletons, shipwrecked survivors and prehistoric lizards are altogether as grumbling and near-eruption as the local vulcano.

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Director: Arch Hall, Sr.
Country/ Year: USA 1962

A matter of the heart for Hall, Sr. who wrote the story, produced, cast himself as father of the female lead wooed with the title brute and little Arch Hall, Jr. as her boyfriend. The result is, well: Eegah!

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Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Director: Curtis Harrington, Pavel Klushantsev
Country/ Year: US, USSR 1965

„Planeta Bur“ might be a film better known than its title. Thanks to Roger Corman, who processed the russian sci-fi flick in „Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women“ and its goofy sibling.

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Spider Baby

Director: Jack Hill, Bart Paton
Country/ Year: USA 1964

„This cannibal orgy is strange to behold in the maddest story ever told.“, sings Lon Chaney, Jr. as guardian chauffeur of the siblings, who’s family name coins that of a fictional mental illness. Legit.

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Boys Beware

Director: Sid Davis
Country/ Year: 1961

“One never knows when a homosexual is about.” But there is no mistaking when preachy paranoid Davis is gushing about his pet hates. Also on his list: comics, sex and marihuana. In short: fun.

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Bloody Pit of Horror

Director: Massimo Pupillo
Country/ Year: Italy 1965

If Your are an editor with a hoast of hot chicks, sneaking through the mansion of an excentric actor with a penchant for medieval torture instruments might not be the best of ideas. Just saying.

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The Amazing Transparent Man

Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Country/ Year: USA 1960

Transparent becomes not only the criminal, who is forcibly employed by a dubious major, but the dissatisfaction of b-movie-master Ulmer, who can’t elevate the cheap chiller from its trashy lows.

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One-Eyed Jacks

Director: Marlon Brando
Country/ Year: USA 1961

Rod Serling wrote a script which was rejected for Sam Peckinpah’s. Which was rejected again for that of Brando who also directed. If you want to know why only this one time, watch this.

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