To Duck or Not to Duck

Director: Charles M. Jones
Country/ Year: USA 1943

It’s the beginning of a wonderful enemyship between Duffy Duck and hunter Elmer Fudd who tries to prove himself as a sportsman, on the green and in the ring. But Duffy is simply a knockout.

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Waldo’s Last Stand

Director: Edward Cahn
Country/ Year: USA 1940

Waldo wants to make big business by selling lemonade. So Alfalfa, Darla and the rest of “Our Gang” transform a barn to a clubhouse and turn on the heat. First by a stage act, then literally.

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That Uncertain Feeling

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Years of unsatisfying marriage drive MerleOberon to divorce Melvyn Douglas and run for a shrink. In the anteroom waits the pacifist pianist that awakens her desire and her ex’s combative spirit.

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Neath Brooklyn Bridge

Director: Wallace Fox
Country/ Year: USA 1942

Somewhere between “The Dead End Kids” and “The Little Though Guys” and before “The Bowery Boys” some of the actors joined “The East Side Kids” serial for some b-movie banter and bigotry.

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My Dear Secretary

Director: Charles Martin
Country/ Year: USA 1949

Philandering playboy vs. sprightly secretary is movie match made to end in a romantic one. Not quite so with Laraine Day and Kirk Douglas who’s womanizing writer loves to hire and fire.

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My Favorite Brunette

Director: Elliott Nugent
Country/ Year: USA 1947

„All my life I wanted to be a hardboiled detective…”, moons Bob Hope’s baby photographer on death row. Untill the end there is still enough time for a flashback tale with lots of nice cameos.

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The Great Alaskan Mystery

Director: Lewis D. Collins, Ray Taylor
Country/ Year: USA 1944

It’s not mysterious (story), it’s not great (acting & budget) and it’s not set in Alaska (apart from the first episodes). Otherwise the Universal serial brings enough spunk and pithiness to pass the time.

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Second Chorus

Director: H. C. Potter
Country/ Year: USA 1940

Fred Astaire, Burgess Meredith and Artie Shaw are reason enough to watch even a rather formalistic song romp as this one. Belyingly tame for something coming from the director of „Hellzapoppin“.

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Santa Fe Trail

Director: Michael Curtiz
Country/ Year: USA 1940

General Custer’s uniform sits just too well on Ronald Reagan, whom the jingoistic epic warps into a heroic fighter against the perceived threat of the abolition of slavery. Errol Flynn is at hisside.

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The Spirit of ’43

Director: Jack King
Country/ Year: USA 1942

“Thanks to Hitler and Hirohito” Uncle Sam demands “taxes to defeat the Axis”. So Donald sticks to the advice of a prototypical Scrooge McDuck and gives the devil his due. Time to punch and pay.

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