About Us

We ♡ Movies. Ours are the odd ones out: films which fell through the cracks of copyright in public domain. At Cinemagicon we aim to collect those scattered around the web in their most complete form & showcase them in the amazing No-Nickelodeon (linked to our vimeo channel). No-nickel-odeon? At the dawn of the 20. Century when the first american movie theaters unveiled their charms, it took 5 cents to watch. At our odeon it takes no nickel: just a title, a tag or a try.

By now, we’re far from being the only site with public domain flicks. Still, we try to convince You by being more cineastic, curiouser and curiouser. + juggling a few other movie-loving conundrums & quirks. I also wrote that because I appreciate the words conundrum & quirk.

Like us on Facebook! If You hate Facebook, like us anyway, without clicking a thumb-up-button. Check out our Pinterest board where we collect posters, prints & paraphernalia. Visit our vimeo channel to make it your own private theater. But if ever one of these films runs in a real movie theater: forget about us and watch it there! This here is just the Cinemagicon. The movies is magic.

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Crazy film fanatic & over-cinemotional. Free lancing, free thinking, free loving, free falling.




Healer, free wheeler, paladin and equipped with a sense of irony that’s sometimes intimidating