The Great Alaskan Mystery

Director: Lewis D. Collins, Ray Taylor
Country/ Year: USA 1944

It’s not mysterious (story), it’s not great (acting & budget) and it’s not set in Alaska (apart from the first episodes). Otherwise the Universal serial brings enough spunk and pithiness to pass the time.

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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Director: Nicholas Webster
Country/ Year: USA 1964

„All this trouble over a fat little man in a red suit!” Didn’t these martians listen to the soundtrack of the trashy fun? „You spell it S-A-N-T-A C-L-A-U-S!“ He who laughs last, laughs best. Ho, ho, ho.

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The Incredible Petrified World

Director: Jerry Warren
Country/ Year: USA 1960

A deep sea expedition accidentally ends up in an underwater retreat where skeletons, shipwrecked survivors and prehistoric lizards are altogether as grumbling and near-eruption as the local vulcano.

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Director: Ralph Nelson
Country/ Year: USA 1976

Sex leaves one old and haggard. So is the experience Rock Hudson’s genealogist who’s fast-growing female creation turns into a killer after coupling it with her maker. Anyone remember “Species”?

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Radar Men from the Moon

Director: Fred C. Brannon
Country/ Year: USA 1952

Everyone mourning after the jet-propelled, gravity-defying rocket suit, launched by Republic three years prior: her it goes again for 12 episodes, encumbered with some human ballast and cheap SFX.

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Crash of the Moons

Director: Hollingsworth Morse
Country/ Year: USA 1945

Two moons, two people (one living on each of them), two leaders – but there can only be one! This space opera with lots of vintage charm, campy humor and staple characters is definitely it!

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Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Director: Curtis Harrington, Pavel Klushantsev
Country/ Year: US, USSR 1965

„Planeta Bur“ might be a film better known than its title. Thanks to Roger Corman, who processed the russian sci-fi flick in „Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women“ and its goofy sibling.

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Planet of Dinosaurs

Director: James K. Shea
Country/ Year: USA 1978

“I don’t think a chicken laid these…” Right, on the earthlike planet, where the space crew landed, it was dinos! But never mind, since more danger comes from the female protagonist’s ineptness.

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The Amazing Transparent Man

Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Country/ Year: USA 1960

Transparent becomes not only the criminal, who is forcibly employed by a dubious major, but the dissatisfaction of b-movie-master Ulmer, who can’t elevate the cheap chiller from its trashy lows.

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Director: Kinji Fukasaku
Country/ Year: Japan 1980

Hugely expensive and of epic length, the warning of the intertwined dangers of military science and paranoia qualifies as the „Heaven´s Gate“ of science fiction: a financial flop due to its pensiveness.

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