That Uncertain Feeling

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Years of unsatisfying marriage drive MerleOberon to divorce Melvyn Douglas and run for a shrink. In the anteroom waits the pacifist pianist that awakens her desire and her ex’s combative spirit.

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My Dear Secretary

Director: Charles Martin
Country/ Year: USA 1949

Philandering playboy vs. sprightly secretary is movie match made to end in a romantic one. Not quite so with Laraine Day and Kirk Douglas who’s womanizing writer loves to hire and fire.

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My Favorite Brunette

Director: Elliott Nugent
Country/ Year: USA 1947

„All my life I wanted to be a hardboiled detective…”, moons Bob Hope’s baby photographer on death row. Untill the end there is still enough time for a flashback tale with lots of nice cameos.

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Penny Serenade

Director: George Stevens
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Irene Dunne and Cary Grant as foster parents struggling with financial difficulties are about the only thing in tune in the same old soapy song about the blessing of conservative family values.

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Cyrano de Bergerac

Director: Michael Gordon
Country/ Year: USA 1950

Suffering under a nose just about as enormous as his wit, the voluble title character of the artfully staged filming betrays his own passion for a beauteous damsel by prompting his dull competitor.

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Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

Director: Robert D. Webb
Country/ Year: USA 1954

Glorious cinemascope is the real star of this otherwise bland love story, that basically transports Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in the ethnically conflicted milieu of two clans of fisherman.

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The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss

Director: Alfred Zeisler
Country/ Year: USA 1936

Cheap wine and cheap food can be a divine deliciousness if served by the right person. That is what this moralistic tale teaches by having Cary Grant deliver an otherwise cringingly buttery story.

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Meet John Doe

Director: Frank Capra
Country/ Year: USA 1941

It’s hard to watch Capra’s excess of cheap sentiment and do-goodishness, underlined by a constant stream of moralistic lecturing passing for dialogue, without turning cynic. See this here synopsis?

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A Shriek in the Night

Director: Albert Ray
Country/ Year: USA 1933

Before dancing her way in audience’s hearts with “Top Hat”, Ginger Rogers probed her role repertoire in rom-com, mystery and horror. All three genres were this here film, where she swirls around a multitude of murder suspects and corpses while trying not to end up as one.

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His Girl Friday

Director: Howard Hawks
Country/ Year: USA 1940

The superb screwball spree with Rosalind Russel and Cary Grant as journalist batteling private and professional affairs proves the exception to the rule that the original is better than the remake.

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