Second Chorus

Director: H. C. Potter
Country/ Year: USA 1940

Fred Astaire, Burgess Meredith and Artie Shaw are reason enough to watch even a rather formalistic song romp as this one. Belyingly tame for something coming from the director of „Hellzapoppin“.

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Something to Sing About

Director: Victor Schertzinger
Country/ Year: USA 1937

A rising singer leaves band and bride to sign a Hollywood contract. When he finally gets to sign, it also includes a clause forbidding him to marry for seven years. James Cagney carries all the tune.

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Royal Wedding

Director: Stanley Donen
Country/ Year: USA 1951

If only the action was as sweeping as Fred Astaire’s dance on the ceiling or as playful as the dancer’s duett with a coat stand, Donen’s fickle debut would be more than just a romantic revue for true fans

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At War with the Army

Director: Hal Walker
Country/ Year: USA 1950

Somehow Jerry Lewis must have thought that concentration camps and mass murder were a funny combination. Those who just won’t be amused by that get some homophobia to laugh about. Haha.

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Machine Gun Mama

Director: Harold Young
Country/ Year: USA 1944

What sounds like a biopic about Ma Baker is nor more than an inept romp with El Brendel and Wallace Ford (“Freaks”) standing in for Abbott and Costello. As if the originals weren’t bad enough.

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