Check and Double Check

Director: Melville W. Brown
Country/ Year: USA 1930

„Amos ´n Andy“ prove a harsh instances of screen racism, in the crude stereotypes the musician friends represent and their blackface portrayal by the white voice actors of the original radio show.

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That Uncertain Feeling

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Country/ Year: USA 1941

Years of unsatisfying marriage drive MerleOberon to divorce Melvyn Douglas and run for a shrink. In the anteroom waits the pacifist pianist that awakens her desire and her ex’s combative spirit.

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My Dear Secretary

Director: Charles Martin
Country/ Year: USA 1949

Philandering playboy vs. sprightly secretary is movie match made to end in a romantic one. Not quite so with Laraine Day and Kirk Douglas who’s womanizing writer loves to hire and fire.

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Parlor, Bedroom and Bath

Director: Edward Sedgwick
Country/ Year: USA 1931

“The Taming of the Shrew” becomes on screen the taming of Shakespeare’s snappy mockery of the battle of the sexes. Fading silent star Buster Keaton appears harrowingly uncomfortable in the lead.

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Mr. Robinson Crusoe

Director: A. Edward Sutherland
Country/ Year: USA 1932

Civilization is a drag, learns Douglas Fairbanks as man of his day out for an allegedly naturalistic, actually reactionary way of life an island. All You need is love: be it by a dog, monkey, goat or girl.

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My Favorite Brunette

Director: Elliott Nugent
Country/ Year: USA 1947

„All my life I wanted to be a hardboiled detective…”, moons Bob Hope’s baby photographer on death row. Untill the end there is still enough time for a flashback tale with lots of nice cameos.

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Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

Director: Rudolf Ising
Country/ Year: USA 1931

Foxy is a trolley engineer in the early turn from “Merrie Melodies”. One of only three starring Hugh Hermann’s hero and the first to mention his name. A perfect classic up to the final: „So long, folks!“

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Topper Returns

Director: Roy Del Ruth
Country/ Year: USA 1941

If there is any spirit in the third and last of the “Topper”-installments, it is Joan Blondell. Literally speaking, as she plays the sassy spook to haunt the titular banker into solving her untimely death.

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Royal Wedding

Director: Stanley Donen
Country/ Year: USA 1951

If only the action was as sweeping as Fred Astaire’s dance on the ceiling or as playful as the dancer’s duett with a coat stand, Donen’s fickle debut would be more than just a romantic revue for true fans

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Road to Bali

Director: Hal Walker
Country/ Year: USA 1952

When even Bob Hope warns the audience to rather get popcorn than hear Bing Crosby sing, You’d better listen. The only bright thing the next to last of the “Road to”-films has to offer, is Technicolor.

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